Integra Studios is a multi-media production company based in the metro city Atlanta area that specializes in

Audio Production, Video Production,  Photography,  Weddings, and custom Website Design services.


Employment At Integra Studios


Freelance Production Assistant 

Integral Studios is looking for a competent Production Assistant/Camera Operator/Editor/Photographer to support all aspects of Film/TV broadcast production. The production manager will count on you for various fast-paced, deadline-focused tasks, from production set-up to hands-on work. Candidate should provide new ideas and innovative approaches to challenges to its fullest as maintaining an emphasis on the quality of expertise. Must submit a link to your demo reel 


Responsibilities and Duties 

• Help assist Directors/Producers prepare each production with the set-up of all cameras, lighting, and audio equipment including any props/cabling etc.

• Resolve technical or practical issues, and help provide practical and creative input to scene/event planning.

• Film and capture quality footage from a fixed or moving position using DSLR, or 4k TV/Broadcast cameras.

• Edits raw/edited footage (using Final Cut Pro X, or Adobe Premiere) and adding audio, transitions, graphics, and effects.

• Edits photos (using Photoshop, or Lightroom)


If you are interested in the Freelance Production Assistant position, please email with your resume and a link to your demo reel.


Full-time Commission Sales Representative 

Integral Studios is looking for a results-driven Full-time Commission Sales Representative to actively seek out and engage customer prospects. Candidate will actively call/drive to different businesses and engage to outside businesses about different production services Integra Studios offers, and actively promote/advertise Integra Studios throughout the social media platforms.  


Responsibilities and Duties 

• Promote, advertise/provide complete and appropriate solutions to outside businesses by having Integra Studios creating promotional videos for advertising purposes for each company/corporation growth. 

• Reach out to customer leads through cold calling, and establish, develop and maintain positive business and customer relationships.

• Present, advertise/promote our production services through phone calls, social media advertising, and going In-person to self-owned business promoting our production services.


This Full-time Commission Sales Representative position’s commission rate is between 10-15% for each/any and all sales/contracts you establish. 

(Most contracts we establish with various companies currently ranges between $7,000 - $20,000)


If you are interested in this Full-time Consignment Sales Representative position, please email with your resume.



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